NBF Security
  • Memorise your PIN. Do not write it down anywhere - certainly never on the card itself.
  • Your card is for your own personal use. Do not share your PIN or card with anyone - not even your friends or family.
  • Be wary of "shoulder surfers" who might try to view your PIN as you enter it. Stand close to the ATM machine, using your body and hand to shield the keypad as you enter your PIN.
  • Do not accept any help from strangers.
  • Press the 'Cancel' key before moving away from the ATM.
  • Remember to take your card and transaction slip with you.
  • Shred your transaction slip immediately after use.
  • Immediately contact your nearest NBF branch or call 8008NBF(623) if:

Your NBF ATM card is lost or stolen
You find any discrepancies in your statement after making a deposit by cheque or using your NBF card
Your NBF card gets stuck in the ATM or cash is not dispensed after you have keyed in a transaction
You have any complaints or issues to report regarding your ATM transaction/s.

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