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Trading Guarantees

Trading NBF

Guarantees reduce the risk for buyers and sellers when there are no established relationships in place. With our years of trade experience, we can help safeguard your interests when trading internationally.

We Provide

  • Standby Letters of Credit (LCs) or supply payment guarantees

    We issue standby LCs or supply payment guarantees as per your business requirements, enabling you to enter into open account supply terms with exporters

  • Tender or bid bonds

    We issue tender or bid bonds to help you secure a contract. Tender or bid bonds are a percentage of the contract value and may vary depending on the contractual agreement

  • Performance bonds

    NBF's performance bonds facilitate your ability to execute awarded contracts, covering any non-performance risk and giving your employer the added assurance that you are able to complete the project

  • Retention bonds

    Retention bonds can be issued on your behalf so you don't have to leave cash retentions with employers or other contractors, ensuring that your business cash flow remains uninterrupted

  • Advance payments

    Our advance payment guarantees help you secure funding prior to the start of your project and are then progressively deducted upon the commencement of the work contract

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