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Fujairah Bank Exports

Outsource your export administrative functions to us and let NBF assist you in dealing with the complexities of international trade with our comprehensive range of export products and services.

We Provide

  • Export letters of credit advising

    By drawing on our extensive network of global banking partners, we are able to receive and advise your Letters of Credit (LCs) directly, minimising turnaround time

  • Export letters of credit confirming

    We help you minimise payment risk when working with a new buyer or market by way of confirmations to your LCs*, and can, if necessary, provide immediate funding (against credit-compliant documents) to tide you over

    *Confirmations are issued on a case-by-case basis

  • Export collections

    We handle your export collections quickly and professionally in accordance with the International Chamber of Commerce Uniform Rules for Collections (URC). We ensure that your payments are speedily processed upon completion of the trading cycle

  • Pre-shipment financing

    We provide advances to help you prepare for your shipment orders, with flexible tenors tailored around your payment receipts. In addition, these advances can be converted into post-shipment loans whereby you are paid the difference through the discounted value of the invoices concerned

  • Export documents (bills) discounting

    NBF is able to pay you the discounted value of your invoice immediately upon shipment against the appropriate export LCs and collections documents. The service conforms to industry best practices, while repayment tenors are based on the tenor of your export LCs and collection documents

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