This year’s event, which was attended by more than 400 participants across Dubai, Fujairah and Abu Dhabi, explored the opportunities and implications for businesses ahead of significant reforms to the country’s tax regime this year, with the expected introduction of corporate income tax.

Creating resilience through change

In partnership with Refinitiv, NBF hosted its knowledge-sharing platform in three Emirates - Dubai, Fujairah and Abu Dhabi to discuss the effects of reforms to nation’s corporate tax regime. Under the theme ‘Corporate taxation in the UAE: Creating resilience through change’, the event shared a top-down view on the state of the global economy, with insights into current global macro-economic conditions and a deep dive into UAE corporate tax law, including the scope, tax rate, key definitions, exempt persons, administration, and key milestones. Also, a panel discussion gave a chance to look at how the new corporate tax law is likely to change the way companies operate in the UAE.

Trade finance outlook and case studies

NBF hosted another knowledge-sharing event sharing insights about Trade Finance global trends. The event consisted of an in-depth presentation focusing on the global outlook for trade, followed by important global case studies. Vin O’Brien, Director of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in the UAE and Associate Director of the Institute of International Banking Law and Practice, gave a presentation on Trade Finance regional and global outlook, lessons learnt from frauds and Court cases which explored the current rules and regulations around international trade with case studies from trading across the world including examples from Ukraine, Singapore and Mongolia.

Sustainable finance and ESG strategies

NBF also hosted two autumn events, which were attended by a close to 300 participants,  that showcased NBF’s pioneering sustainable and Islamic finance offerings, and ensured customers were kept abreast of developments in sustainability and the transition to net-zero.

Post event reports

Watch videos:

Creating resilience through change

Trade finance outlook and case studies

Islamic finance: Innovative sustainable solutions

Transitioning into net-zero

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