In an ever-changing market environment, the more you know, the more you grow. Equip yourself with the latest insights from the NBF Knowledge Series.

The NBF Knowledge Series is an annual programme of high profile events that bring together the leading business minds in the region to share their insights on the issues of the day, empowering our corporate customers with the knowledge you need to succeed.

A knowledge exchange

The NBF Knowledge Series is a platform for open discussion on market trends and threats, where our clients come together to network and hear from industry experts on everything from trade finance, treasury and cash management to pressing issues of the day like VAT, cyber-crime and new corporate laws. 

As a leader in the business community and long-time partner to our clients’ success, NBF aims to arm you with knowledge and insight to help you overcome challenges and maximise opportunities for your business in a dynamic and ever-changing global economy.

Find out more about our previous events

NBF Knowledge Series 2016

Insights into the impact of changing legislation and market challenges facing UAE companies, including VAT, the new commercial law, cybercrime and risk management.

NBF Knowledge Series 2017

Experts shared their thoughts on macroeconomic realities like the decreasing oil price, along with insights into currency and commodity markets and what the new bankruptcy law means for UAE corporates.

NBF Knowledge Series 2018

Thought leaders discussed how business should respond to the disruption being caused by digital transformation, a changing trade finance landscape, shifting regional and global economies and evolving regional developments.

NBF Knowledge Series 2019

Leading minds examined key issues shaping business in the Middle East, including macroeconomic issues from Brexit to the China/EU trade agreements; China’s ’Belt and Road Initiative’; top tech trends and the latest legal changes.

NBF Knowledge Series 2022 

In partnership with Refinitiv, two sessions were led by high-profile experts in economy and finance. The first session focused on leveraging digital technologies and embracing the new operating environment. Whereas the second session explored Sustainable Business Strategies and Sustainable Finance.

NBF Knowledge Series 2023 

In partnership with Refinitiv, this year's event explored the opportunities and implications for businesses ahead of significant reforms to the country’s tax regime this year, with the expected introduction of corporate income tax.

NBF Knowledge Series 2024

In partnership with London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) the event provided a roundup on the latest developments pertaining to the UAE corporate tax law.

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